Energy Efficiency Methodology

“Green Wire Consulting uses only qualified & experienced Professional Engineers to deliver you independent advice”

Our Energy Efficiency Methodology comprises 2 parts:

1. Strategic Solutions

At Green Wire Consulting we recognise that the best Energy Efficient Solutions are those that;

  • impose minimal or no impact on the environment
  • are engineered to provide clear benefits & improvements
  • correctly address the original problem
  • are cost effective & life-cycle cost analysed with good payback
  • have advantages that out way the disadvantages
  • are executed based on a 6 Stage Process
  • do not cause other problems as a result.


2. Engineered Solutions

Energy efficiency projects offered include ‘Engineered’ Solutions that:-

  • are tuned to the client’s needs & wants
  • provide unbiased & independent advice which is in the client’s interests
  • utilise the latest proven electrical products available in the market place
  • treat each building as unique with its own set of parameters
  • are sensitive to the function of the building
  • blend seemlessly into normal day-to-day building operations
  • are carefully selected to provide the best possible outcome
  • are automated as much as possible to ensure that the client is free to focus on their business
  • incorporate the most energy efficient electrical equipment available.
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