List of All Professional Services Offered

Green Wire Consulting’s managing director Karl Olsen leads the team and is a qualified Electrical Engineer with 27 years experience.

Green Wire Consulting’s core objectives include:-

  • Personalised professional service for each client.
  • To exceed client’s expectations.
  • Strong focus & dedication to each assignment.
  • A commitment to provide unbiased & independent advice

Details of all Energy Efficiency Services available are outlined below;

Energy Audits | Energy Efficiency Services
  • Detailed energy audits using proven audit processes
  • Lighting audits delivering energy efficient lighting solutions
  • Reporting on where energy wastage is occurring
  • Third party reviewer of building electrical & lighting designs proposed by other designers
  • ‘Green’ engineering design using energy efficient design principles
  • Management of contractors on site to ensure compliance with design objectives
  • Energy monitoring & logging of individual electrical equipment to verify energy consumption
  • Energy Management Services – 24hr Building Energy Care
  • Existing Building Condition Reports related to energy efficiency matters
  • Assistance with the production of business cases for proposed energy saving projects
  • Energy Audits tuned for the Clean Technology Investment Program
  • Inspection of mechanical plant for energy efficient operation
  • Review quotations that you have received from energy efficient product suppliers. Provide impartial advice, indicating the pros & cons – assisting your decision making process – for effective long term outcomes & minimisation of risk
  • For sites with multiple billing meters – check that company departments or house services are wired to the right meter.
Appliance – Electrical Safety
  • Full Risk Assessments
  • Detailed invasive electrical inspections
  • Check compliance to standards
  • Checks on local authority approvals
  • Fit for purpose’ analysis. eg. for Harsh & moist environments
  • Review of expected longevity & maintenance
  • Life cycle costing analysis on appliance use
  • Energy consumption assessments
Design Verification Service
  • Checking of Electrical Design – Specifications & Drawings
  • Lighting Design reviews
  • Independent support to clients on all Electrical Aspects
Electrical Reports
  • Existing building services condition reports
  • Detailed Energy Audit reports
  • Full Life Cycle costing analysis
  • Defects / Non-compliance site inspections
  • Switchboard condition reports including thermographic surveys.
  • Business Case Development
Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Risk Assessments
  • Deterioration analysis of electrical services
  • ‘Fit for Purpose’ determination
  • Longevity assessment
Solar Electricity Systems advice
  • Confirm correct operation of existing systems.
  • Measure & check that electricity is exporting correctly.
  • Measure actual performance of Solar electricity output & compare to similar systems generating electricity in Melbourne.
  • Measure electrical loads connected & provide a wiring strategy to optimise solar contribution that will maximise electricity bill credits. Applies to 3-phase switchboards with 1-phase solar systems connected.
  • Solar feasibility reports – we calculate the real payback period for the proposed investment.
  • Review the viability of battery storage integrated with solar PV systems
High Electricity Bill Problems
  • Investigate causes of high electricity bills. We Guarantee to find out the exact reason for high electricity bills.
  • Check that Electrical Retailer Billing is 100% correct.
  • Installation of temporary metering to measure & check the accuracy of onsite smart meter equipment.
  • Detailed investigation & identification of equipment with high electrical consumption.
  • Reveal standby electricity leaks.
Lighting Designer
  • Selection of lighting fixtures for building spaces.
  • Only energy efficient cost effective lighting solutions are presented.
  • Use DiaLux and AGI 32 lighting design simulation software to ensure Australian Standard AS1680 lighting levels are achieved to satisfy occ health & safety requirements.
  • Outline a variety of lighting solutions to suit your project circumstances.
  • Unbiased lighting design approach. Our advice is completely impartial, we do not favour any one lighting supplier’s product.
Electrical Project Management
  • Management of Electrical Contractors
  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Review Tenders & recommendation
  • Creation of suitable KPI’s that match project objectives
  • Electrical Consultant & Electrical Contractor Performance Monitoring
  • Customised Methodologies for effective project execution
Building Electrical Services
  • Facilitate Pre-construction ‘Briefing Sessions’ with Electrical Contractors
  • ‘Apples for Apples’ Tender evaluation & reviews
  • Site Defects inspections & Non-compliance reporting
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Reviewer of Electrical Building Services design, includes specification & drawings
Electrical Specifications & Briefs
  • Efficiency Brief
  • Consultant Brief
  • Client Brief
  • Electrical Services Performance Specification
  • Electrical Contractor’s Brief

We love a challenge, so anything related to electricity is likely to be within our capability – Contact us to find out.

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