AS3598 Type 2 energy audit reports for your business

Type 2 Energy Audit is best described as a ‘Standard’ Audit containing brief recommendations.

  • Our Type 2 Energy audit methodology complies strictly with Australian Standard AS3598 (Energy Audits)
  • A standard detailed site inspection is performed to reveal energy wastage,
  • All Type 1 Energy Audit tasks are covered in this audit type,
  • Major appliances & electrical equipment that use energy are checked for energy efficiency,
  • Calibrated power measuring equipment & temperature meters are used to assist in understanding site-specific energy usage patterns,
  • We will pinpoint energy waste and create a ‘shopping list of issues’ for discussion & subsequent incorporation into an ‘Action Plan’ forming part of your 5 year business plan, towards tackling energy efficiency,
  • Our Type 2 Energy audit report lists energy saving solution recommendations, ie. Solutions are concisely outlined describing how to reduce site energy wastage & improve energy efficiency,
  • We will advise on ‘expected energy savings’ & estimated costs to achieve the described energy saving initiatives.
  • Standard Site Inspection
  • Analysis of Electricity & Gas Bills
  • Electricity Tariffs are checked
  • Energy Waste Pinpointed
  • Energy Consumption is measured
  • Reveal Energy Saving Solutions
  • Payback Periods Indicated
  • AS 3598 compliant reports
  • Detailed Report Delivered

A FREE Energy Audit Initial Consultation

Is offered to qualifying businesses located in Melbourne. Contact us for an appointment. During the consultation at your business premises you will understand your potential to reduce energy consumption & learn the benefits of a business energy audit.

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To Download a PDF 1-pager summarising Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 energy audit types, click on the icon below;

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