AS3598 Type 3 energy audit reports for your business

Type 3 Energy Audit is best described as a ‘Detailed Analysis’ audit & targets maximum possible energy savings

  • Type 3 Energy audits comply with Australian Standard AS 3598.
  • We perform a thorough & detailed inspection of each building to reveal all energy waste.
  • All Level 1 Energy Audit & Level 2 Energy Audit tasks are covered.
  • Every appliance that uses energy is checked for energy efficiency.
  • Calibrated energy & temperature loggers are used to drill down & understand actual energy usage patterns.
  • Perform onsite maximum demand measurements, graphing & analysis of the results.
  • Provide a detailed report with recommendations listing all energy saving initiatives, ie. solutions required to reduce energy wastage & improve energy efficiency.
  • Advice on ‘expected energy savings’ & more accurate costs to achieve savings.
  • For each proposed energy initiative, if required – compilation of lifecycle costing & payback period analysis for client financial assessment.
  • Thorough Detailed Inspection
  • Analysis of Electricity & Gas Bills
  • Electricity Tariffs are checked
  • Pinpoint Energy Waste
  • Energy Consumption measured
  • Reveal Energy Saving Solutions
  • Payback Periods Indicated
  • AS 3598 compliant
  • Thorough Report Delivered

A FREE Energy Audit Initial Consultation

Is offered to qualifying businesses located in Melbourne. Contact us for an appointment. During the consultation at your business premises you will understand your potential to reduce energy consumption & learn the benefits of a business energy audit.

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To Download a PDF 1-pager summarising Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3 energy audit types, click on the icon below;

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