Do you have a High Electricity Bill Problem?

Reasons for a high electricity bill money wallet

A high electricity bill problem can be very frustrating, especially if its been around for a while & you can’t find the reason easily. Below is a list of common possible causes & reasons for this problem. Read through them carefully before you call in an expert to help;

  1. Your Electrical Meter may have been misread. Try to read the meter yourself & compare it to the figures shown on the bill.
  2. Most home electricity bills are received quarterly. Occasionally a quarterly bill can be missed & later added to your next bill – resulting in a high electricity bill perhaps even doubled. Check that you are comparing bills correctly.
  3. Compare your electricity bill with previous bills and see if your tariff rate has been increased. In January each year rates are usually reviewed & adjusted by your electricity retailer. Rates tend to increase each year and hence could be the cause of the higher bill.
  4. If the ‘meter man’ has a problem in gaining access to your property the meter reading is usually under-estimated. When they finally gain access to your meter in the next quarter, the ‘catchup electricity bill’ ends up higher as a consequence.
  5. Have you purchased any new electrical appliances recently that could of caused an increase in electricity consumption at home? Or are appliances operating longer than normal? This could be the reason for your high electricity bill problem.
  6. If you have electric storage hot water unit & the thermostat is faulty, then electricity will be continually heating water causing your bills to be high. Incorrect over-operation of the high-pressure safety valve on the hot water tank will result in higher hot water comsumtion leading to a high power consumption problem.
  7. Your Electrical Billing Smart Meter may be incorrectly configured. A meter that is reading higher consumption than actual, will be the reason for a high electricity bill. Refer to our smart meter check

Still have a high electricity bill problem? – NEED HELP ?

Green Wire Consulting can visit your premises to determine the EXACT reasons for your high electricity bill.

We become the detective. Our electrical metering equipment will help us reveal the invisible flow of electricity in your home, to solve the mystery once and for all. You gain peace of mind and then move to take back control of your electricity bills.

Our High Electricity Bills main page will provide further information on this topic. 

CONTACT US or send us an email and explain your particular high electricity billing problem.

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