Professional Services for Home Owners

Below we summarise our home energy efficiency related suite of services:-

home high electricity bills

High Bill Investigation

We GUARANTEE to find out PRECISELY WHY your electricity bills are high.

We visit your home, dive into your switchboard, analyse your bills & thoroughly investigate all connected electrical equipment. The end result – you take back control of your electricity consumption.

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home energy audit

Home Energy Audits

PREMIUM service delivered by unbiased, passionate & qualified Electrical Engineers.

Offering unique energy audit packages for home owners seeking a HIGH QUALITY SERVICE ONLY. This is NOT your average energy audit or basic home energy efficiency assessment as provided by other companies.

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smart meter checkup

Smart Meter Checkup

Perhaps an inaccurate SMART METER is causing the high electricity bill?

We temporarily connect our trusted Smart meter to your home to double check if your electricity retailer is billing you accurately. If your smart meter is found inaccurate, you then have the proof to insist on a refund.

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Is Solar electricity worth it

Is Solar Power Worth it ?

We reveal the REAL STORY about Roof top Solar power & electricity generation.

We will provide unbiased advice & report on today’s viability of installing roof-top solar power for your household premises. If required we calculate the optimal sized solar system to maximise financial return & payback for your potential investment.

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how energy efficient is your design

How efficient is your home design?

Check with us BEFORE you build – to reduce the risk of future high electricity bills.

Your architect, builder, plumber or electrician may have steered you in a particular direction – most likely because it suits their agenda. It is you who could suffer the ongoing burden of high electricity bills or gas bills, if an inefficient design is allowed to occur.

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Check efficiency of fridge and airconditioning

Is your Aircon & Fridge efficient?

We can TEST how energy efficient your household appliances are.

We have physically tested many household appliances and can compare the energy efficiency of your existing appliances with the latest available technology. After we visit, you will then have a clear action plan to implement when the time is right.

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home too hot too cold

A home TOO HOT or TOO COLD ?

We reveal the solutions that will the improve problem areas in your home.

Perhaps an upstairs room is always hot in summer or your heating system is just not performing in some areas in winter. Take action to improve your indoor environment. Don’t put up being uncomfortable any longer. We will assess your home in detail.

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Carbon neutral home

Want a Carbon Neutral Home ?

We assess your carbon footprint & tell you what is required to go Carbon Neutral.

Carbon neutral means no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We will review your annual home electricity & gas consumption then outline a combination of energy efficiency strategies & optimally sized renewable generation solutions to achieve the goal.

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Electrical Safety checkup

Home Electrical Safety Checkup

UNBIASED home inspection, identification of UNSAFE electrical hazards.

Unsafe power wiring & electrical hazards will be identified. Wiring located in all accessible areas will be checked including at the electrical switchboard & in the roof space. Downlight clearances to ceiling insulation checked. Electrical Safety switches checked by our RCD tester.

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