Energy Efficient Design – Consulting Engineers

Less energy to get the same job done – This is energy efficient design!

“And why not, it makes good economic sense, especially if you have the power with your household or business – to make it happen”

Energy efficiency is now a familiar term used in our society. Many understand it yet many are still cautious or resistant in the application of energy efficiency. Real obstacles exist that can destroy the uptake of energy efficient design strategies.

For those businesses & homeowners who are are interested in making their immediate environment energy efficient, Greenwire Consulting can assist in the following ways;

  • Offer trusted unbiased energy efficiency advice that will exceed your expectations,
  • Help you select new equipment that uses energy better than ever before,
  • Check that existing equipment is operating efficiently,
  • Reveal new energy efficient products to reduce operating costs,
  • Help you select the best product to purchase to obtain value for money,
  • Indicate clever ways to use your energy wisely,
  • Measure electricity consumption to accurately determine how well energy is being utilised,
  • Identify energy leaks or energy waste to maximise energy efficiency,
  • We promise to find the exact cause of your home or business – high electricity bill,
  • Audit your existing lighting and recommend ways to illuminate it more efficiently,
  • Check the energy generation performance of your existing Solar Electricity system.
  • Double check how energy efficient your proposed new building design really is – BEFORE it is built.

“Energy efficiency is the bridge between rising utility costs & energy consumption”

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